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The Boys’ Cabin, The Big Sibling activity and The Girls’ Cabin

”Be yourself, otherwise there will be no one like you”

The Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa), The Big Sibling activity (Isosisarustoiminta) and The Girls’ Cabin (Tyttöjen Tupa) are a part of the youth work of the Ahjola Settlement. The Activities started as the Big Sister Project (Isosisko-projekti) in 1998, being one of the oldest forms of gender sensitive youth work in Finland. The main goal of our work is to improve the daily lives of girls, boys and non-binary youth aged from 8 to 14 years, attending school in the area of Tampere.

The Boys’ Cabin, The Big Sibling Project and The Girls’ Cabin together form our basic working methods for supporting children and youth. These activities are based on the principles of gender and culturally sensitive youth work, as well as the notion of sociocultural animation. We want to work towards equality and to encourage participation in everything we do – together.

The Big Sibling Activity

The Big Sibling Activity provides a Big Sibling, a Big Sister or a Big Brother, for all the children and youth who participate in this activity. The Big Siblings work as volunteers and their main task is to be a trustworthy friend and listener in the everyday lives of their own Little Siblings, supporting their healthy growth.

The Girls’ Cabin

The Girls’ Cabin for girls was founded 2001, when the Big and Little Siblings needed a place to meet each other in their free time. Nowadays the Girls’ Cabin is a vivid social activity space, where everyone is welcomed as they are and everyone gets to choose what they want to do. Activities (eg. groups) for non-binary children and youth started at the Girls’ Cabin in 2016.

The Boys’ Cabin

Opening hours:
Mondays from 3 to 7 p.m. 

Pispalan valtatie 45, 33250 Tampere

The Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa) is open weekly on Mondays from 3 to 7 p.m.

The Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa) is a space for boys and non-binary youth aged from 8 to 14 years, attending schools in Tampere. At the Cabin children and youth can spend their free time, meet each other and talk to adults in a relaxed atmosphere. We provide opening hours, groups, events and holiday activities. You have to sign up to become a visitor we like to call here as a Little Brother.

At the Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa) you can meet friends and get new ones, play, do arts and crafts, do your homework and read, discuss things with friends or adults, dress up, act, sing and dance. At the Cabin there are 2 adult workers and 1-2 volunteers on duty during opening hours.  Everyone chooses the activities they prefer and we encourage our visitors of all ages to participate in the decision making.

At the Cabin there is a large lounge with a toy and greenery corner, a theatre room, a beauty and resting room, a television room with console games and a clothing exchange spot. We offer a free snack serving at 5 p.m. You can also bring your own snack or buy some at the Cabin (eg. noodles). The fridge and the microwave oven can also be used for free.

If you haven’t visited The Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa) earlier, you are welcome now!

The Boys’ Cabin (Poikien Tupa) is located opposite the main building of The Ahjola Settlement, on the other side of the road (Pispalan valtatie 45, 33250 Tampere). Be safe and please use the underpass when crossing the street.

Little Siblings’ parents and siblings as well as students and professionals can visit during opening hours or by appointment. If your friend or customer wants to visit, you can bring him/ them during the opening hours to get a chance to acquaint himself with the place and the activities. After visiting he can sign up to be a Little Brother too. Parents can sign up their children to join the activities by filling out a form online (look at the main page) or at the Cabin. This way we can ensure the children a valid group insurance.

Activity Groups:

We provide free activity groups for boys and non-binary youth aged from 8 to 14 years.  You don’t need any earlier experience so you can participate with your own personal skills, just as you are.

Ask more about the groups and sign up to participate:

asla.westerholm (at) / p. 044-553 8432

The Big Sibling Activity

A Little Sibling
  • is a boy, girl or non-binary child or young person aged from 8 to 14 years attending school in the city of Tampere
  • the boys Little Brothers, the girls are called Little Sisters and the non-binary children and youth choose their name according to their identity
A Big Sibling
  • is a man, woman or non-binary person over 18 years old
  • is motivated to work as a volunteer for one year as a Big Brother or a Big Sister
  • has a positive attitude towards life
  • is a good example for the Little Sibling
  • has completed the Big Sibling course
About the activities
  • The Big Siblings (Big Sisters and Big Brothers) meet their Little Siblings (Little Sisters and Little Brothers) 1 to 4 times a month – according to their mutual agreement.
  • The Big Sibling and Little Sibling, together with his/ her/ their parents, plan the content of the mutual activities such as playing, baking, doing crafts or going outdoors, swimming, to a movie, cafe or a museum, etc.
  • We arrange common activities for all Sibling pairs around the year, eg. trips, events, and camps etc. There are eg. social activities for Sibling pairs, where they can meet other pairs (Siblings’ Days i.e. Sisaruspäivät). Some of the Siblings’ Days are trips to other locations than the Girls’ Cabin. Some Siblings’ Days are arranged at the Girls’ Cabin and every Sibling pair is welcome.
  • We offer our volunteers personalized counseling and support, additional further education, peer support, and recreational activities.

Big Sibling courses

We arrange Big Sibling courses 2 to 4 times a year (in Finnish). The courses are free of charge and meals are offered. Attending the course is a requirement for starting as a Big Sibling in the activity. There is, however, no obligation to start as a Big Sibling after the course.

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Street address:
Pispalan valtatie 45
33250 Tampere